Asylum Update | September 6, 2021

Thanks to the UU Faithify campaign and individual donors, we were able to pay Chrisma’s attorney to reopen his case! Apparently, there was a news article in his case file that had not been translated which brought much light to his case and will weigh heavily on the side of his asylum.  Such good news. 

Chrisma is playing drop-in soccer, and has become a much-wanted player, due to his skills.  

He is now reading the book “The Giver” for ESL class. He’s reading it aloud with John Angelo  giving them a chance to work on his speaking skills. He has been working very hard and is always diligent about his homework.

Here is a personal report from Chrisma himself:

“I am doing very well; I have a soccer team that I play my position in the team is a defender there are times also I play attacking. last week the team vote the most important players of the team  I was among the top three players on the team.  every time we play I make sure that in good games for the moment I am the goalscorer for our team.  last Friday I had scored two goals … I also continue with my English class (Esol) I think my English is evolving little by little, I also have John Angelo who contributes a lot for me to have developed my  English he always found the time to come and teach me.  I had also done a summer program test through this test I had been given a certificate … I still continue to go to the YMCA to do sport every morning … through this message I have just presented all  my grateful to the member of UU Church community and sanctuary as well as all those who are thinking of helping us thank you i will always be grateful for your help.”

Although we are no longer requesting meals through, you can use the site to send donations via credit card.  For help, call Paul Introcaso at 603-505-1149.

Market Basket Grocery Gift cards are another great way to help. Although MB cards cannot be bought on-line, the cards can be purchased at any Market Basket and mailed to UU Church Manchester, ATTN Sanctuary/Asylum Committee, 669 Union St. Manchester NH 03104.  If you are familiar with the church, and have a code to the Union St. door, you can put the cards into the Sanctuary mail slot outside the office door. Or call me, Liz at 703-447-5701 and I can meet you at church.

Also, checks can be sent directly to The Asylum Fund, c/o the Unitarian Universalist Church, 669 Union St., Manchester, NH 03104, with Asylum in the memo line. 

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