AIW Workshop Report – Sunday August 7, 2022

AIW stands for “Action of Immediate Witness”.  At this summer’s General Assembly, 1000 attending congregations voted to accept three of the several proposed actions. We will be exploring two of the three:  #1 Reproductive Justice and #2 Anti-Racism & Restorative Justice.

Although there were only 4 of us, I feel we made a good beginning.  We reviewed the UUA plans, and we know how we might begin.  We have not yet begun to scratch the surface.  For that we need more participation.  Please join us at our next planning meeting on Sunday September 11 with a follow-up meeting on September 18. Mark your calendars now!

Thank you Dave Dutilley, Jackie Spenard and Lila Cate for your input and enthusiasm.  For more information and for copies of the UUA plans, contact Liz at