Adult Ed: Fall 2022 offered by UU Congregation in Milford

Hello!  I’m Nancy Baker and I coordinate the Adult Education offerings at the Milford UU church.  Some of your members are on the mailing list to receive my Tidbits, a simple spiritual and intellectual lift that comes twice a month.  They receive them because of some common work that our previous minister, Barbara Liscord, engaged in with your two churches.

Milford is starting up its adult education this coming month and it’s all on Zoom so I was wondering if people in your congregation might be interested in participating.  As you can see from the announcement below, one is a general type of gathering with the topic changing each month.  The other is a series that lasts all fall and explores a topic through several lenses (including theology).  These days our church is finding that resources that can be shared are helpful to others, and we are interested in deepening our connection as UUs.  If this adult education is of any interest, here is the announcement that the Milford congregation has received.  Any of your congregants is most welcome to attend virtually along with our members and friends.  If there is any interest, we could work out a way to distribute the link easily.

Adult Ed will begin again with two offerings on Zoom this fall.  On the 2nd Tuesday evening (7 pm) and 2nd Wednesday afternoon (4 pm) of each month, members present topics of interest that are varied and appeal to individuals and groups doing the work of the congregation. The program is the same each time but offered twice to include those who work or have conflicts but would like to participate. 

Variable Topics series: The October meeting on Tuesday, the 11th (7 pm) and Wednesday the 12th (4 pm) is the work of the Welcoming Congregation Renewal Committee and helps us understand the history of the LBGTQ+ struggle for identity and equality.  In November and December there will be programs on Books and on Fractals.  A Zoom link is provided prior to each meeting. 

The Surface of Mystery series returns on the 4th Tuesday evening (7 pm) and 4th Wednesday afternoon (4 pm). [same program but offered twice].  This fall we’ll explore the famous mind/spirit/body problem through several religious traditions, philosophy, literature and mythology.  Join us on October 25th (7 pm) or October 26th (4 pm) as we begin with the myth of Cupid (body) and Psyche (soul).  You don’t need to know anything about any of the disciplines involved and materials are provided with the Zoom link.  Some questions we’ll consider as we deepen connections to each other and the materials are:  How do we reconcile the world around us with what is beyond us?  How do you connect with the mystery – through your mind or with your spirit, and how do you tell the difference?  What is the relationship between your physical senses, your mind, which processes what you see and feel, and your spirit which integrates the now and the timeless? You can reason like a philosopher, argue like a theologian, and marvel at the stories human beings have long created to explain the inexplicable.  Explore with us!  Facilitator:  Nancy Baker (   A Zoom link is provided prior to each meeting.