A Message from the Green Team:

In order for our church to become A Green Sanctuary, one of the goals is to document any environmental improvements our congregation has done over time, in their own lives.

To reach this goal, The Green Team sent out a survey last spring, to start the process. The plan is to do this annually, so please take time to fill out the survey below, to document for this year.

After printing and filling out the survey, please return it after a Sunday service. There will be a folder on the back table, labeled Annual Congregant Survey.

Purpose: To measure improvement in Congregant efforts to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions year over year.  Please complete and turn in to ushers or church office.

A.  How urgent is it to address the climate crisis? Extremely Urgent____ Urgent ____                            Important ____ Somewhat Important ____ Not Important____

B. Congregation Transportation Survey

  1. How do you generally travel ? (indicate with X)
    a) Gas powered vehicle _____   b) Hybrid vehicle _____ c) Electric vehicle _____
    d) Car pool _____.                      e) Bicycle _____             f) Walk ___
    1. Approximate distance driven in last 12 months in miles? ________

  2. Utility Survey. (Note: If you have Eversource, each month on the second page, they show your electricity usage each month for the last year. This may be true for other utilities also. )
    1. Electricity used in
           (kwh/mo of April/2023) _________ AND (kwh/mo of March/2024)_________
           OR Total in last 12 months (April 2023- March 2024) kwh/yr_________.
           OR Included in my rent _____   Don’t know ____________

    2. Natural Gas/ Propane.
           (ccf/mo of April/2023) ________ AND (ccf/mo of March/2024) _________
           OR ccf in last 12 months ______.
           OR  Don’t Use ______ Don’t know _____OR   Included in Rent ____

    3. Fuel Oil (gal/last 12 months) ______   Don’t know ____  Don’t use _____
           OR  Included in Rent. _____

D.  Reduce

            1. When buying appliances, do you look for the Energy Star label?
                 Yes _____      No _____         Sometimes _____

            2. Do you replace your light bulbs with LED light bulbs? Yes ___ No ___   

            3. Do you use reusable shopping bags? Yes ___ No____ Sometimes ___

            4. How often do you use an electric/gas clothes dryer?

             a) Regularly ___ b) Infrequently ___ c) Use clothes line sometimes.___ ___

            5. Do you use reusable straws? Yes __ No __ Sometimes___

                        ____Don’t use straws        

            6. Do you buy electricity from renewable sources (non fossil fuel)?

                        Yes ____ No ___     Would you like to learn how _____          

            7. Do you shop at second hand stores or yard sales?

                         a) Often ___  b) Occasionally___ c) Never ___

E. Reuse

When you finish with the following items, check the ones you share/repurpose or donate for reuse.
            a) Newspaper ___                           b) Magazines ___
            c) Books ___.                                   d) Plastic containers ___
            e) Glass containers. ___                 f) Metal containers ___
            g) Clothing ___                                 h) Furniture ___
             i) Cardboard ___

F. Recycle

Which items do you typically recycle? (Check all that apply)
            a) Newspaper ___.                          b) Other paper ___
            c) Cardboard ___                             d) Aluminum cans ___

            e) Tin cans. ___.                              f) Other metals ___

            g) Glass ___                                     h) Plastics Types 1 & 2. ___

            i) Other plastics Types 3-7 ___.

G. Home Owner
1. Is your attic fully insulated? Yes ___ No ___ Some ____
2. Check renewable energy equipment you have at your home.
            a. Solar panels ___.                        b Heat pump ___
            c. Energy star appliances ___       d, Other (list)   ________________
3. Are your windows double/triple panes of glass? Yes ___ No ___ Some ___
4. Not a Home Owner _____

H. Other Information.
1. Are you invested in environmentally sustainable energy funds?

            Yes ____ No ____   Some _____ Don’t Know ____

2. Are you a member of one or more  environmental groups Yes ___ No ___

3. What skills and interests do you have to lend to greening our church, such as:
            a) grant writing; ____          b) knowledge of the physical plant and upgrades____
            c) knowledge of the church history ___   d) Desire to help green our church ____                                                 e)served as church officer____                 f)Other skills or interests _________


For Question 4, If you answered yes to question 4 above, please indicate your name and how we can contact you __________________________________________________________

5. Is there anything else you would like to add _____________________________________.


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