A Message from Rev. Kali Fyre

Dear UU Manchester Members and Friends,

Hello on this spectacular summer day! I feel honored to accept the offer from the board of directors to be your Consulting Transitional Minister for the next eleven months. I am excited to be joining in service with you again.

Several of you are familiar to me from my time as one of your members, long before I even thought of attending seminary, and some of you will remember me from the period of sabbatical. I look forward to seeing each of you again, and the opportunity to meet those of you I don’t yet know very well.

 Some of you may feel my time with you will be brief, and especially in a time of transition that might feel anxious. It may be helpful to think of the role of minister as the “supporting role” within the movie of the Life of a Congregation. We always enter the story sometime after the beginning, and so very often depart before the ending. The story, you see, is about You – the Church, the Congregation.

The board and I have developed some specific expectations for our time together, and my responsibilities will very strongly reflect the support within the minister’s role through pastoral care and spiritual support, guidance for lay leaders and committee chairs, and as a resource for Interim search preparations.

 The first time I will join you for Sunday Worship will be on September 4 for our return to regular 10am services and Water Ceremony. Please feel welcome to be in touch with me before that, if you’d like. Amy has already connected me to the minister@uumanchester.org email address, or you can find me in the Member Directory.

I am looking forward to getting to know you and cannot wait to celebrate our Water Ceremony with you all! Wishing you blessings for a delightful August!

 In faith,
Rev. Kali

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  1. Welcome from two wanderers from Horizon UU of Carrollton, TX. We are here for the cool summer not offered in TX. we will be in our Manchester condo until early October. We look forward to meeting you. Horizon is undergoing a similar transition searching for a new minister. Thank you for stepping up to the needs of this congregation.

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