Sanctuary/Asylum Newsletter – March

Sanctuary Coalition of Southern New Hampshire

I’m writing this on the first day of Spring, and I am celebrating it with these lovely flowers. I know (or strongly suspect) there will be at least one more snowstorm, be it small or big. I’ll think of these flowers and know that we’ll see them outside soon.

Our previous Asylum Guest has moved out, and we are tying up several loose ends.  The furniture which he moved in has been returned to the appropriate rooms, and the furniture he removed from his room has been returned to it.  The laundry is almost all done, and then we can begin again.

Meanwhile, your Sanctuary/Asylum Committee is working on reviewing and rewriting the Discernment Criteria document. We want to clarify the acceptance steps needed to be taken prior to inviting a guest to live in the church, and who specifically gets to make the final decision.  We want to make sure that a prospective guest will be a good fit so that this type of situation will not re-recur. It has not been a positive experience for any of us.  Your prayers, thoughts and caring words have meant a great deal to us.

Thank you.