3rd Annual Plant Sale – Saturday, May 20, 2023

After a chilly and rainy April, it’s finally warming up and drying out.   We have just about 2 weeks to prepare for our 3rd Annual Plant Sale.     A lot’s been accomplished, behind the scenes, but the big task of getting pots of plants ready to sell, is RIGHT NOW.     

   Many thanks to Linda Pierson who stepped up to create the beautiful banner which graces the front of the church, and Jefferson for helping get the banner up there.   Liz A.   is working on a few lawn signs for the side streets.   Thank you!

  Jean has been coordinating with folks from the Manchester Animal Shelter, who is NOT having a plant sale this year, but we’ve been able to obtain some empty pots from them to recycle by our filling them up with plants.    Another rescue group, Tailgait Transportation and Rescue will have their plant sale on June 4 at the Burger King, 737 Daniel Webster Hwy North, Manchester, NH from 9am-2pm. Their volunteers will welcome any of our leftover extra plants – and will pick them up and store them until their sale.   Nice to know we are supporting them in their good work, as well.  

   We need and appreciate everyone’s help.  Anyone with plants from their yards can begin bringing them to the cozy courtyard behind the church.   It would be great if they were potted and labeled with what they are, but you can just bring clumps and we can do that.    As soon as it warms up and dries out a bit more, anyone is welcome to join in the fun of dividing and potting plants.   Someone will be there nearly every day from now until the sale, so just stop by, or call  or email Jean beforehand – the schedule will fluctuate based on other commitments,  and the weather.   We would like lots of variety… many different plants are welcomed, but not too many of the same type of Hosta, daylilies, or iris.      

   Houseplants and gardening tools, plant books, and decorative pots, etc.  are also welcomed, but we prefer you keep them in your home until a few days before the May 20 event.  On Friday afternoon, May 19, we will begin moving things out onto the lawn, with a setup organized much like last year.   We hope many hands will make this process happen smoothly and quickly.     We’ll also set up the shade tent, and need to take a few tables out as well, but most plants will stay on the ground arranged in groups.

   Saturday the sale will be open to the public, and on Sunday morning after the social hour, will be a final opportunity to peruse what’s left, followed by moving whatever tables and chairs are left to be brought back into the church, finishing up around 12:30 – 1pm, hopefully.    If you can spare any amount of time, please do step up… no need to know much about plants and gardening…  just smile and assist whoever needs a helping hand.    It’s circulating around among neighbors and past plant sale attendees, that we are a very friendly and welcoming bunch of people!   

Last, but certainly not least, please continue to let your friends and neighbors (and anyone else) know the date and times.   In an exit survey, word-of-mouth resulted in a significant portion of those who attended and shopped.      And remember that one of the goals of this venture is to socialize with each other…  and have fun — so make that a priority as well, just come and hang out!

Questions?   email:  plantsale@uumanchester.org