2024-2025 Pledges Past Due!

Please make your pledge now if you haven’t already. We have received only 39 pledges to date and expect another 20 or so. We need all pledges submitted now so that we can complete next year’s draft budget. Please email treasurer@uumanchester.org if you need assistance with pledging. 

Completed pledge cards (sealed in the provided return envelope) can be handed to a finance committee member, mailed to the church office, or dropped into the safe in the office hallway. You can also pledge online at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfAfuEPfwhTnRk98qO8WXbaaSXKB_f5uroyEVNn_3P_MiWuQA/viewform or go to our website uumanchester.org, select “Give”, and then “Pledge for 2024-2025”.

Thank you for your financial support of our congregation! Every pledge matters and contributes to sustaining our church. 

In gratitude,

June, Brian, and Chris

Finance Committee