Month: April 2023

Introduction to Gardening Workshop May 7 by Noel

Prepare yourself for the joyful colors of Spring. Noel will share his expert knowledge on how to get started in gardening. Tips will include how to prepare your soil, selecting plants, and ideas on how to design your garden space. Workshop after coffee hour. Each session will be about 45 minutes.

Environmental Tips:

We are BETTER when we take action TOGETHER!! One Powerful way to make NH communities Environmentally friendly is to get NH Legislature to pass Climate Action  bills.  The House committee: Science, Technology, and Energy presented 2 bills (HB208, HB372), but without success. (I presented testimony for HB372, and emailed my representatives. You’ll see I kept … Continue reading Environmental Tips:

Movie Night -April 22

starts at 6:30 PM “The High and the Mighty” is a 1954 American aviation disaster film, directed by William A. Wellman, and written by Ernest K. Gann, who also wrote the 1953 novel on which his screenplay was based.[3] Filmed in WarnerColor and CinemaScope, the film’s cast was headlined by John Wayne, who was also … Continue reading Movie Night -April 22