Month: April 2023

Environmental Tips:

We are BETTER when we take action TOGETHER!! One Powerful way to make NH communities Environmentally friendly is to get NH Legislature to pass Climate Action bills. Let’s ALL know who our representatives are and Speak up! Tell them not to give up. We need more Climate Action bills.  Get the word OUT! Please visit the Social Responsibility … Continue reading Environmental Tips:

Fundraiser to Benefit Ukraine

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 – 7:00 pm. “The Kobzar’s Prayer for Ukraine”. The sacred, national Instruments of Ukraine. A concert, lecture, and presentation of the traditional bandura, kobza, and torban in defense of Ukraine today. There will also be a sale of Arts and Crafts objects, all proceeds to support Ukrainian refugees. At Protection of the … Continue reading Fundraiser to Benefit Ukraine

UU Manchester Annual Meeting Date: Sunday, June 4th, 2023 

Hello All!  At our meeting on Tuesday 4/18, the board voted to hold our annual meeting on Sunday, June 4th at 11:45 am in the Sanctuary. All members in good standing are invited to attend and vote.  If you have questions regarding your eligibility, please reach out to We hope all can attend!