Month: April 2023

Environmental Tips:

We are BETTER when we take action TOGETHER!!

One Powerful way to make NH communities Environmentally friendly is to get NH Legislature to pass Climate Action bills. Let’s ALL know who our representatives are and Speak up! Tell them not to give up. We need more Climate Action bills. 

Get … read more.

It’s Easy Being Green — If We All Chip In!

On Earth Sunday, April 23, we held a Town Hall to discuss whether this church wanted to pursue Green Sanctuary Accreditation from the UU Association. 

This endeavor involves the entire church with the three goals of greening our church building, our congregation, and our community over … read more.

Fundraiser to Benefit Ukraine

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023 – 7:00 pm. “The Kobzar’s Prayer for Ukraine”. The sacred, national Instruments of Ukraine. A concert, lecture, and presentation of the traditional bandura, kobza, and torban in defense of Ukraine today.

There will also be a sale of Arts and Crafts objects, all … read more.

Early Spring nature walk this Sunday, April 30

Hi all.  I am offering another early Spring nature walk this Sunday, April 30 at 2:00pm at Stark Park in Manchester NH (Address: 550 River Rd, Manchester, NH 03104).  Just look for a person with binoculars walking aimlessly staring upwards … probably near the statue. Planning … read more.