During the pastorate of Rev. Dr. A. Eugene Bartlett (1899 – 1904) the Memorial Windows (with the exception of the “Christmas Window”) were given and placed in the First Universalist Society at 50 Lowell Street, Manchester, New Hampshire.

In 1913, when the building was sold, the windows were removed and stored in the building of the First Unitarian Society at the corner of Concord and Beech Streets. When the new church was built at 669 Union Street, the windows were brought to the new building.

One record indicates that the windows were cut down to conform with the architecture of the new building, even referring to the “Three Angels” window as the original name.

(Update 08 / 26 / 2013 – While searching the original blueprints from 1914, a notation was found on several of the windows “ReCut, ReSize and install existing windows.” While this is not proof of a Third Angel, it is confirmation that at least some of the windows were cut to fit in the new building. The search for the Third Angel continues.)

(From the records of the First Universalist Society of Manchester, Dated June 18, 1903. Locations listed are as the windows were installed originally in the Sanctuary at 50 Lowell Street, Manchester.)


The windows all came from the firm of Messrs Spence, Moakler & Bell, 90 Canal St. Boston, Mass.

East window nearest altar–the Demarest window. Erected to memory of Dr. and Mrs. G.L. Demarest. Cost $200. Money raised by the pastor, Rev. Eugene Bartlett, from the doctor’s friends in the denomination.

East middle window–the Leighton window.  Erected by Mr. Geo. A. Leighton of Los Angeles, California to the memory of his first wife and daughter. Cost, $600.

East window–South cost $100. Paid for by Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Barrett to the  memory of their father. To the memory of J.B. McCrillis.  Second half paid for by the Y.P.C.U. (ed. – Young Peoples Christian Union).

Upper West window–the Hunt window.  Erected by the children of Mr. And Mrs. J. T. P. Hunt to their memory. Cost $600.

Middle west window-the Clark window.  Erected by Mrs. Dana J. Collins to the memory of her mother. Cost  $600.

South west window-cost $100. Paid for by the Sunday School. To the memory of the faithful departed and to the memory of the former supt. Sylvanus Putnam.”

(ed. Note – This is the earliest record extant. Some differences exist between the dedication panels, other Church records and the above.)


In 1914, the Sanctuary had 7 bays of architectural ‘cathedral windows,’ 3 monumental stained glass windows, 2 smaller decorative flower stained glass windows, 6 side panel stained glass windows, 1 arch top window and 3 dedication panels. In 1942, one bay of the architectural cathedral windows was taken out and replaced with “The Christmas Windows.” These ‘architectural cathedral windows are now stored in the basement.

Many records of the Society were destroyed in a vandalism attack in 1970. The information in this report was pieced together from several different sources, only one of which is original. If you have more or corrected information, or photos, please forward it (them) to the Membership Committee, Unitarian Universalist Church of Manchester, 669 Union Street, Manchester NH 03104 or email the Membership Committee.

madonna-with-child1-228x300THE MADONNA WITH CHILD window, on the south wall of the Sanctuary has a dedication to Sarah Frances Clark on May 7, 1901. Church records state the window was given in Memory of Mr. Frank Clark by his daughter Mrs. Dana Collins.


THE THREE (now TWO) ANGELS window, on the west wall of the Sanctuary was given in memory of Amelia F. (Annan) Leighton, 1849 – two-angels1-228x3001872 and Maude Amelia Leighton, 1871 – 1891 by Mr. George A. Leighton, husband and father, the owner of Leighton Machine Company, makers of knitting needles and machinery. Mr. Leighton was born on April 8, 1844 in Concord, Massachusetts, the son of William and Mary. He was a veteran of the US Army, serving in The War of Secession (Civil War).  Mr. and Mrs Leighton and their daughter Maude Amelia were members of the First Universalist Society of Manchester. Some old records of the Society refer to this as the “Three Angels” window.The FLORAL PANEL window on the opposite side of the Angel window was donated in memory of John McCrillis by the Young Peoples Christian Union (YPCU). He was one of the first members of the First Universalist Society of Manchester. A veteran of the War of Secession (Civil War) he was Clerk and Treasurer in 1862 – 1864 and Vice-President in 1870. In 1885 a literary and social club was founded named the McCrillis Club. In 1899 it became the Young Peoples Christian Union.

The FLORAL PANEL window on the side of the Angels window was given in memory of Nehemiah Preston (1804 – 1882), a Manchester farmer who had 2 horses, 8 cows, 2 sheep and $2,340 worth of land in 1864. He was a relatively wealthy man, and a Founder of the First Universalist Society of Bedford and Goffstown [predecessor to First Universalist Society of Manchester] on September 4, 1833. The church was then located in Amoskeag Village, now West Manchester.


JESUS BLESSING THE CHILDREN window on the north wall of the sanctuary was given in tribute to Jonathan T. P. Hunt and Irene (Drew) Hunt by their children, Mr. Hunt was born in Manchester April 7, 1809. There were five children; Irene A., Nathan Parker, Annette, Oliver Gilman and Abbie Maria. Mr. Hunt was an industrialist, serving as Director of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company; Founder and Superintendent of the Manchester Gas Light Company (one of the predecessors to Public Service of New Hampshire); Director of the Manchester Bank, and one of the Founders of the City of Manchester.

THE FLORAL PANELS on either side of the “JESUS” window (above) were given in memory of the Reverend Dr. G. L. Demarest (Pastor 1872 – 1875) and his wife Mrs. Elizabeth Demarest.


THE FLORAL PANELS on either side of the main entrance to the Sanctuary were given by the Sunday Schfaithful-workers1-228x300ool in memorysylvanus-putnam-228x300
of “Sylvanus Putnam” and the “Many Faithful Workers in the Church School.” 

Sylvanus Putnam was a long-time Superintendent of the Church School which at one time had over 125 students. Mr. Putnam was also Clerk and Treasurer of the First Universalist Society in 1867.

THE CHRISTMAS WINDOW (below) depicts three scenes from The Nativity. This set was donated in memory of Rose Fellows Gill by her son on October 18, 1942.

connick-work-order-232x300In Memory of Rose Fellows Gill

To the left is the shop order for the Rose Fellows Gill Memorial Window. The window was constructed by Charles Connick

Charles Connick at work (circa 1945)
Charles Connick at work (circa 1945)

in his studio at 90 Canal Street, Boston Massachusetts in the Spring of 1942. The window was commissioned by her son in our church on October 18, 1942.

connick-flowers-228x300When the new Education Wing was added in 1964, it obstructed the light to the left side of the window. Mrs. Gill was an avid gardener and loved flowers. She would use flowers from her gardens to decorate the church. She was on many committees of the church and was the backbone of the Women’s clubs.

The medallions of the Gill window depict three scenes from the mythology of the Christian church.

Jesus in the manger, with his parents Mary and Joseph looking on.
The Three Shepherds
‘Three Kings’ or “Three Magi” with their gifts for the baby Jesus.











We are very proud of our windows, so please feel free to linger in the Sanctuary and enjoy them!